NJBMS - Volume 7, Issue 4, April - June 2017

Pages: 215-219

A Study of Homocysteine and Uric Acid Levels in Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

Author: Meera.V, EllanShiv Goutham. A

Category: Biochemistry

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Introduction: Hypertensive disorders are common in pregnancy,they cause serious complications like eclampsia, hemorrhage and infection leading to maternal and fetal mortality. Hyperhomocystenemia (HHcy) is associated with hypertension and eclampsia. Uric acid have direct role in blocking fetal angiogenesis Magnesium plays an important role in vasodilatation. So by evaluating Homocysteine, uric acid and magnesium levels in blood , we can reduce the maternal and fetal mortality.

Aim &Objectives: To study the Homocysteine (Hcy), uric acid and magnesium levels in pregnancy induced hypertension.

Materials And Methods: Case control study of hundred female subjects of age group of 18-40 yrs. Out of them 50 were normotensive pregnant women (NPW) in their third trimester and were chosen as control Group 1 .50 pregnancy induced hypertensive (PIH) patients in their third trimester were chosen as study Group 2.

Results: The mean Hcy value was increased to18.24± 6.65µmol/l (pvalue=0.002) and there was an associated significant increase in Uric acid level of 5.25 ± 0.49mg/dl (pvalue=0.004) in the PIH women compared to homocysteine 8.41± 2.07 µmol/l and uric acid levels 3.41± 0.84mg/dl in NPW group. On the other hand, the serum Magnesium level was significantly reduced in PIH (1.41±.04mgs/dl ) compared toNPW 1.46±.02mgs/dl (p=0.001).

Conclusion: The Hcy and uric acid levels were increased and Magnesium level was decreased in PIH women than the NPW. So these parameters should be part of the evaluation of the pregnant women presenting with hypertension. Thereby, we can reduce the maternal and fetal mortality rate .

Keywords: Homocysteine, Hyperhomocysteinemia, Uric acid, Magnesium and Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH)

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