NJBMS - Volume 7, Issue 4, April - June 2017

Pages: 251-260

Effectiveness of Moodle on E-Learning Platform in Medical Education - A Review

Author: Senthil Kumar. B, Deepti Shastri

Category: Medical Education

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Advances in medical knowledge and changing accreditation requirements present a challenge to fit a vast amount of new content within the curriculum. Various advanced learning methodologies have emerged to impart knowledge on the vast medical curriculum. As technology continues to advance, so does the demand for learning. Many educational programs have adopted various modalities to suit the needs of a diverse student population. Advancement in medicine has led to various new specialization courses being developed which are being delivered as online courses via a Learning Management System (LMS) that has software paired with the Internet to manage the interactions of students and teachers in delivering the course materials. Due to many competing demands on their time, academic faculty have less time for teaching and also physical distance among diverse health care delivery sites makes it a challenge for traditional face-to-face instruction. In such a scenario, one of the best e-learning platforms is Moodle. Many online programs have been designed with the Moodle LMS. Faculty need to develop a new comfort level using Moodle that they presently have with Blackboard and LCD screens as well as perfect their skills in using the system. It would be prudent to have a full-fledged training and tutorial on the Moodle LMS for the faculty as well as the students. The method of learning caters to adult learning principles and is designed to have an interactive instructional module which involves not only reviewing the instructional materials but also practicing through creation of similar activities. The present article gives a review on application of Moodle in e-learning platform of medical education and how to create a Moodle account and set up a course.

Keywords: Medical Education, Moodle, e-learning, Learning Management System.

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Editor in Chief of NJBMS Dr.Deepti Shastri, Professor and Head, Department of Anatomy, Academic Co-ordinator for Pre and Paraclinical Sciences, VMKV Medical College & Hospital, Salem.

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