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NJBMS is a quarterly peer reviewed national journal, published by the Society for Basic Medical Sciences, a publication of Vinayaka Mission’s Kirupananda Variyar Medical College, Salem, a constituent college of Vinayaka Missions University. The journal publishes scientific articles in Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology and Medical Education.






Dr. Deepti Shastri   

Professor & HOD, Dept. of Anatomy, VMKV Medical College, Salem.



                                               Advisory Board

Dr. P.S. Manoharan                   Dr. N. Mohan         Dr. P. Anusuya         Dr. Anabelle
Dean VMKVMC                               Dean, AMC                Dean AVMC                Dean, VMMC   


Dr. Milind V. Bhutkar          Dr. K. Prakasam         Dr. G. Kannan

 Viceprincipal & HOD               Director & HOD        Medical Superintendent,

        VMKVMCH                 Professor of Orthopaedics      VMKVMCH                                                                                                        

Dr. P.M. Subramaniam       Dr. P. Jones Ronald         Dr. K. Ezhil Vendhan  

Professor of Pathology, AMC    Professor of Nephrology       Deputy Medical Superintendent,



                                                          Associate Editors

       Dr. S. Rajaram                           Dr. R. Thamilselvi               Dr. Evangeline Jones

 Professor of Pharmacology                  Professor of Pathology             Professor of Biochemistry 


  Dr. R. Indra Priyadharshini                     Dr. B. Usha                              Dr. R. Shankar   

  Professor of Microbiology                          Professor of Microbiology        Asso. Prof. of Community Medicine     


                                Chief Co-ordinator of Indexing & Publishing

Dr. B. Senthil Kumar

Asst. Professor of Anatomy



                                                          Executive Editors


Dr. K.C. Shanthi                            Dr. V. Suganthi                     Dr. V. Sivasankari 

Asso. Professor of Anatomy      Asso. Professor of Physiology          Asso. Professor of Pharmacology


Dr. D. Ponnudhali                               Dr. C.K. Vijaya Samundeeswari                Dr. R. Sudha       

Asso. Professor of Biochemistry              Asso. Professor of Biochemistry        Asst. Professor of Biochemistry


Dr. A.Venkata Raghavendra Rao                 Dr. B. Saranya                   Dr. R. Ramya

Asst. Professor of Microbiology                  Asst. Prof. of Pathology          Asst. Prof. of Pharmacology


                                             National Editorial Board



Dr. Prashant Natekar, Bambolim


Dr. Usha Kothandaraman, Chennai


Dr. S.P.Thangaraj,Chennai

Dr. T. Rajan,Puducherry


Dr. K. Santhini Arulselvi, Karaikkal


Dr. Sheela Grace,CBE


Dr. D. Suguna, Chennai


Dr. N. Aruna, Salem


Dr. K.Y. Manjunath, Salem


Dr. V. Subhadra Devi, Tirupati


Dr. Praveen R.Singh, Karamsad


Dr. Dilip.D.Ksheersagar, Nagpur


Dr. K.L.Talukdar, Guwahati


Dr. Lola Das, Thrissur






Dr. Shashibala Singh, New Delhi


Dr. Viswanath Rao, Chennai


Dr. Amrit Mirajkar, Mangalore


Dr. D.Venkatesh, Bengaluru


Dr. Bindu Kutty, Bengaluru


Dr. S.N.Nataraj, Mysore


Dr. D.L.Ramachandra, Bengaluru


Dr. N.G.Borade, Pimpri


Dr. A.N.Kowale, Pune


Dr. A.D. Surdi, Ambajogai


Dr. Col. Anuj Chawla, Pune


Dr. R.H.Taklikar, Raichur



Dr.Gautam Sarkar, Meerut

Dr. M.G.Sridhar,Puducherry


Dr. Sucheta Dandekar, Mumbai


Dr. Kalavathi Ponniraivan,Trichy


Dr. A. Renuka,Chennai


Dr. Vivian D’ Souza, Mangalore


Dr. R.Nagendran,Chennai


Dr. Jothi Malar R,Chennai


Dr. B.D.Toora,Puducherry


Dr. P.K.Mohanty,Madurai



Dr. K.S.Seetha, Puducherry

Dr. Rosy Vennila, Chennai

Dr. M.V.Ramannama, Hyderabad

Dr. Radha Madhavan, Chennai

Dr. Sethumadhavan, Puducherry

Dr. Jhansi Charles, Madurai.

Dr. A.G.Prathab, Bangaluru

Dr. M.Kalyani, Chennai

Dr. P.Sreenivasulu Reddy, Nellore

Dr. Shanmuga Vadivoo,Salem

Dr. A. Kavitha, Salem.

Dr. K.R.Rajesh, Salem. 


Dr. Sumeet Gujral, Mumbai

Dr. A.V.Shanthi, Chennai

Dr. Dolly Daniel,Vellore

Dr. Shalinee Rao, Delhi

Dr. Umesh Chandra Dash, Puducherry

Dr. Shameem Shariff, Bengaluru

Dr. R.Kalyani, Kolar

Dr. Chandra Mouleeshwari, Chennai



Dr. S.Parvathavarthini, Chennai

Dr. Ramasamy S, Puducherry

Dr. T.N.Kumar, Bengaluru

Dr. K.Punnagai, Chennai

Dr. Jamuna Rani, Chennai

Dr. C.B.Tharani, Chennai



Dr. Roseline Fatima William, Chennai


 Editoral Assistance

                        Anatomy                DR.A.Perumal   

                        Physiology             Mrs.Pratima Bhutkar                   

                        Biochemistry          Mrs. C.Anjugam

Microbiology          Mrs.R.Vanajapriya,

                     Mrs.Hema Priyadarshini


International Editorial Board


Dr.Pavai Sthaneshwar, Malaysia


Dr.Suma Rao, Singapore



Reviewer team members will not use ideas from or show another person the manuscript or supplementary materials they have been asked to review without the explicit permission of the manuscript's author. During the course of the review process the editor may request additional materials—including data—if they are seen as essential for judging the merits of the research.  


Professional misconduct on the part of authors

The NJBMS expects all submissions to include data that are honestly and accurately reported according to the accepted best practices of scholarly publishing. In instances in which falsified or misreported data are suspected, the NJBMS pledges to carry out the process of detection, investigation, and penalty with fairness and confidentiality during the internal inquiry. The decision regarding investigation and penalty will be taken jointly by the president (SBMS), secretary (SBMS) and Editor in chief (NJBMS) and finding will be binding on the authors.


In the event that ethical misconduct is determined to have occurred in a manuscript already published in any journal, the NJBMS reserves the right to issue a public retraction of the said manuscript. The retraction will come in the form of a note published in a subsequent issue of the journal. The article’s citation will be labeled as “Retracted” in all databases and the electronic version of the manuscript file will be clearly marked as “Retracted.”


NJBMS discourages all form of plagiarism including self-plagiarism that is part/parts of the previously published articles by the same author should not be incorporated in the subsequent publications. Incase plagiarism is suspected or reported the further course of action will be taken as mentioned under the heading professional misconduct on the part of authors.



Manuscripts that have been rejected are not eligible for further consideration by the same journal and thus should not be resubmitted.



The goal of peer review is to assess the quality of articles submitted for publication in NJBMS. Before an article is deemed appropriate to be published, all articles undergo the peer review process. We aim to reach a decision on all manuscripts within four weeks of submission. If the editors think the material received lacks sufficient originality or there is absence of advancement of medical science or the research question is insignificant, the original research articles received are rejected after review in house, usually by two associate editors/ Editor In Chief.


Peer review procedure

The NJBMS team of research editors aims to read majority of newly submitted research articles within four working days. If the article is potentially suitable for NJBMS, editor will ask an associate editor to approve it and after that the  article is sent to two external peer reviewers. We ask the reviewers to declare any conflict interests on all the manuscripts those are assigned to them.

After peer review, the next step is assessment at our weekly editorial manuscript committee meeting. An assistant editor reads out the article's importance, its merit and scientific quality in the light of peer review report and the editor- In – Chief aided by the editorial manuscript committee makes  the final decision. In these meetings, originality of the articles and issues related to plagiarism are discussed in detail.

Decisions made at this meeting usually include one of these three: provisional acceptance, request revisions where peer reviewers’ and the editors’ views are put across , or rejection of the article.

Articles for the case reports or other sections of the NJBMS go through a similar process and those found satisfactory in external review go to an editorial manuscript committee meeting where the editors make the final decision.

Accepted articles are published on the official website of the journal as they become ready, and the is updated weekly. Once published online, articles are then go for a subsequent print issue.

The NJBMS provide open access to peer reviewed research as part of its commitment to members of Society for Basic Medical Sciences, readers and authors. We make all our research articles freely available online.



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