National Journal of Basic Medical Sciences


Pages: 96-102DOI: 10.31975/NJBMS.2018.9206

Date of Publication: 30-Nov--0001

Effects of Learning Style Preferences Among Undergraduate Medical Students in Tamilnadu

Author: Vijaybabu. K, Punnagai. K, Gunasekaran. K

Category: Medical Education

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Introduction: Among various learning styles, strategies and approaches in learning methods of medical students, educators are more enthusiastic in finding the type of learning style students adopt during education. Knowledge of learning styles facilitates the educators to categorize students and impart teaching in a more effective way.

Aim and objective: The aim of the present study is to evaluate, categorize various learning styles and analyse the learning style distribution among the medical students using VARK instrument of learning style.

Materials and Methods: Four hundred thirty medical students of two medical colleges from Tamilnadu were included in the study after obtaining the Institutional Ethics Committee permission. The study was done using VARK as learning style measuring instrument. Various modes of measurement included in VARK were visual (V), aural (A), read/write(R), kinaesthetic (K). The VARK questionnaire with completed response by students was collected and analysed. The students were categorized according to their responses in to different learning styles as per VARK questionnaire guidelines.

Results: The results revealed majority of the students as multimodal 68.4% and the unimodal learners 31.6% were of different learning styles visual (6.3%), aural(11%), read/write (4%), kinesthetic (10.3%).

Conclusion: VARK has effectively categorized the medical students into various groups based upon their learning styles and could be a constructive learning style instrument for measuring learning styles and improving the medical education.

Keywords: VARK, Learning styles, Medical student learning, Teaching enhancement techniques