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NJBMS - Volume 11 Issue 3 , January - March 2021

Pages: 219-224


Shwetha B 1 Pushpa MS 2

Category: Anatomy

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Background: Sciatic nerveis the thickest nerve in the body,and its compression will
contribute to clinical conditions like sciatica and p iriformis syndrome. A thorough knowledge
about its variations in the origin and br anching pattern is important during procedures like hip
joint replacement, posterior dislocation of hip joint, and intra muscular injections in gluteal
region and sciatic nerve block.
Methods: The study was conducted on gluteal region of 50 formalin fixed lower limb
spec ime ns. The sciatic nerve was dissected and its origin, course and termination and relation
of sciatic nerve with piriformis m uscle were observed.
Results:In 2 specimens (4%) the sciatic n erve divided in the pelvis, the c ommon peroneal
nerveemerged within bifid piriformis muscle and tibial n erve emerged below piriformis
muscle. In 3 specimens (6%) the sciatic nerve divided within pelvis and common peroneal
nerve and t ibial nerve emerged below p iriformis muscle . In 6 specimens (12%) showed high
division of sciatic nerve in upper 1/3
of the thigh. In 1 specimen (2%) the sciatic nerve
divided within the pelvis and common peroneal nerve and t ibial nerve emerged below
superior gemellus muscle.
Conclusion : Anatomic al variations in the origin of sciatic nerve are relatively common and
hence thorough knowledge regarding the variations is very essential.

Keywords: Sciatic nerve, Common peroneal nerve, Tibial nerve.


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Shwetha B . et al., Study of the Variations in the Terminal Branching Pattern of Sciatic Nerve and its
Relation with Piriformis Muscle
National Journal of Basis Medical Science / Volume 11 / Issue 3 / 2021 Jan -Mar 224

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Editor in Chief of NJBMS Dr.R. Thamilselvi, Professor and Head, Department of Pathology, VMKV Medical College & Hospital, Salem.

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