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NJBMS - Volume 11 Issue 3 , January - March 2021

Pages: 242-246


Dr. B. Subitha MD Dr . David Agatha MD

Category: Microbiology

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Introduction: The development of research capacity is imperative at the individual and
institutional levels to attain a sustainable improvement in the health care system. But
research activity is meager among undergraduate medical students. So this study was
conducted to analyze the student’s perception of research.
Aims & Objectives:
1. To assess the knowledge and attitude of undergraduate medical students about research.
2. To detect the barriers of medicals students to participate in research
Materials and Metho ds:
This study was conducted among 400 undergraduate medical student s from first year to final
year after obtaining institutional ethical committee clearance. For evaluating the student’s
knowledge, ten open and closed questions were delivered to students. To assess the student’s
attitude and barriers to research, a Questi onnaire was given with a Likert scale .The questions
included in the questionnaire were obtained on the basis of a comprehensive literature review.
All recorded data were entered in MS Excel 2010 and analyzed in the form of percentages
whenever necessary.
71% of students showed a positive attitude towards research. Regarding knowledge, first,
second and prefinal- year students scored a low percentage (43%).But final year
studentsscored a slightly higher percentage (51%). Students reported lack of funding and lack
of time as the major barrier to participating in research.
Conclusion :
Recently Undergraduate medical curriculum was updated by National Medical Commission.
As students follow the new Competency Based Medical Education; more studies should be
condu cted to determine the student’s perception of research. Whatever may be the
curriculum; faculties should encourage and motivate undergraduate students to participate in
research activities.

Keywords: Attitude, Barrier, Knowledge, Research, Undergraduate m edical students


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Editor in Chief of NJBMS Dr.R. Thamilselvi, Professor and Head, Department of Pathology, VMKV Medical College & Hospital, Salem.

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