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NJBMS - Volume 1, Issue 2., October - December 2010

Pages: 65-69
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Author: Dr. Aswini Dutt.R, Ramaswamy.C, Niranjan murthy.H.L, Satish Kumar NS, Shankar Bhat.K

Category: Physiology


The prevalence of Hypertension is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide.

Hypertension is now considered as an 'Urban syndrome'. Major causes of hypertensive pattern are increasing work stress, strict deadlines and high expectations among corporate population. High blood pressure affects many systems of the body and can alter various hematological parameters. The present study was undertaken to compare the arterial blood pressure (BP) and blood hemoglobin (Hb) concentration in software professionals. Male software professionals (74 in number) of Infosys software company, Mangalore, Karnataka, India in the age group of 21–45 years were divided into two groups based on their BP recordings. 21 were normotensives and 53 hypertensives. Their BP was recorded in supine position (JNC 7 Criteria) and Hb was estimated by Drabkin's spectrophotometric method. The relation between BP and Hb concentrations were analyzed statistically. The mean age of normotensives and hypertensive group were 27.62±5.24 and 28.53 ± 6.25 years respectively. The mean BP of normotensives and hypertensives were 124±16.03/80±11.16 and 142±16.09/96±11.10mmHg respectively. The mean Hb of normotensives and hypertensives were 16.15±0.92 and 13.08±0.91gm% respectively. When this association was analyzed, results revealed that Hb was significantly lower in hypertensive group (p=0.001, Unpaired T test). Hypertensives tend to have lower Hb. Stress induced 'Hypothalamo-adreno-sympatho activity mediated increased sympathetic drive in hypertension influencing Renin-Angiotensin- Aldosterone system can be the underlying mechanism.

Keywords: Hypertension, Hemoglobin, Software professional, Stress, Sympatheticactivity.Hypertension