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NJBMS - Volume 3, Issue 3, January - March 2013

Pages: 178-183
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Category: Anatomy


Context : Different authors have studied coronary arterial dominance by different methods like dissection, corrosion cast, radiographic, perfusion or by heart mass method. By dissection method different parameters have been used to determine dominance pattern.

Aim : The present study was aimed at determining coronary dominance pattern using all the parameters used by different authors i.e coronary artery giving origin to posterior interventricular artery, atrioventricular nodal artery and coronary artery crossing the crux cordis. A new parameter “coronary artery giving origin to sinoatrial nodal artery” was also used in the present study for the first time.

Setting and design : The dominance patterns were observed by studying the coronary arteries by dissection method. The findings were compared with each other and with the findings of other authors.

Materials and Methods : 50 hearts procured from dissection room cadavers, were dissected meticulously. Both the coronary arteries were studied, their individual branches were noted and also followed to their distal ends to note their detailed course.

Statistical analysis used : Not applicable

Results: The incidence of right coronary arterial dominance was found to range between 60-78%, left dominance ranged between 12-24% and co-dominance was found to be between 10-24%.

Conclusion: Higher incidence of right coronary arterial dominance was seen by dissection method using any/all of the 4 parameters.

Keywords: Coronary arterial dominance, Co- dominance, posterior interventricular artery, crux cordis, SA Nodal artery, AV Nodal artery