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NJBMS - Volume 7, Issue 3, January - March 2017

Pages: 133-138
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Study of Accessory Renal Artery in Cadavers and Computed Tomography Angiography

Author: P. Sasikala, R. Sudha

Category: Anatomy


Background: The knowledge of accessory renal arteries is now becoming more important due to increasing number of renal transplants and various other urological procedures.

Aim: The present study was focused to know the origin, course and termination of accessory renal artery in Cadavers and in patients who underwent CT angiography for donor nephrectomy.

Methods: The present study was done in 43 dissected cadavers and 25 patients who underwent CT angiography.

Results: The results of the study showed that the accessory renal artery 1.Arises mainly from the abdominal aorta at the level of L3 vertebra (28%). 2. Most of it enters the hilum (64%) by passing below the main renal artery behind the renal pelvis.

Conclusion: The anatomy of the accessory renal artery is very important to the surgeons to prevent complications during renal transplantation and other renovascular procedures.

Keywords: Renal Artery, Accessory Renal Artery (ARA), CTAngiography, Renal transplantation.