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NJBMS - Volume 7, Issue 3, January - March 2017

Pages: 188-191
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Electrocardiographic Abnormalities in Severe Anaemia and its Reversibility after Correction of Anaemia

Author: Manjiri P. Dhamangaonkar, Deepali Deshmukh

Category: Physiology


Introduction : Anaemia is one of the commonest clinical problems in our country. It affects various organs including the heart. Clinical manifestations of anaemia referable to cardiovascular system may closely simulate symptoms and signs of organic heart disease. It includes some ECG changes also. ECG changes in anaemia show correlation to Hb concentration and the changes are reversible after correction of anaemia.

Aims and objectives:

1) To study electrocardiographic changes in patients with severe anaemia.

2) To correlate ECG changes with haemoglobin concentration

3) To study their reversibility after treatment of anaemia.

Materials and methods: 94 patients admitted in medicine wards in government general hospital, Solapur for severe anaemia (Hb concentration less than or equal to 7 gm %) were studied for ECG changes. Hb concentrations in patients with ECG changes were between 2 gm% to 6.5 gm% with an average of 4.4 gm%. 29 patients were having ECG changes. Out of which 25 patients were having Hb concentration less than or equal to 5 gm%. All patients were reassessed for reversibility of changes after treatment.


1) Out of 94 patients with severe anaemia, 38 patients were having Hb % of 2 to 5 gm %. Of which 29 patients were having ECG changes (22 were females and 7 were males)

2) Out of 29 patients, 25 were having Hb concentration 5 gm%

3) All ECG changes were reverted to normal after correction of anaemia, except one patient (showed pre-treatment T wave inversion and post-treatment flat T waves)

Conclusion: ECG abnormalities in patients with severe anaemia are more common in females. ECG abnormalities in patients with severe anaemia (Hb5 gm%) can get reverted to normal after correction of anaemia.

Keywords: Haemoglobin concentration, Anaemia, ECG changes