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NJBMS - Volume 7, Issue 3, January - March 2017

Pages: 192-196
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YouTube In Medical Education

Author: Senthilkumar. B, Deepti Shastri

Category: Medical Education


Educational Technology plays an important role in learning facilitation for improving educational system. An effective, long lasting learning, needs various technology and modern aids to be implemented in medical education. To gain a deeper knowledge through teaching learning process new methods of communications are needed. The faculty members have to be more competent in their teaching area with the application of advanced trendy communication and innovative methods of teaching.This article will provide a clear cut idea of how to use YouTube in medical education effectively and also guides how to create educational videos and upload them on YouTube. Review of all available literatures were collected and experiences of experts in medical education have been taken and few teaching faculty of our institution were also guided to create videos and upload on YouTube.

Keywords: Medical Education, YouTube, Multimedia, Videos