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NJBMS - Volume 7, Issue 4, April - June 2017

Pages: 209-214
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Accessory Mental Foramen-An Anatomical Variation of Mental Foramen in Human Mandibles

Author: Parineeta Suman, Sabita Singh, Raj Kishore Mahato

Category: Anatomy


Introduction: Accessory Mental Foramen (AMF) is an additional Mental Foramen (MF) situated nearby the regular MF and usually placed posterior to the MF. The accessory branch of the mental nerve passes through it. AMF may be one of the factors implicated in regional anaesthesia failure.

Aims: To evaluate the incidence and the anatomical features of the accessory mental foramen, which is occasionally traced additional to the main mental foramen.

Materials and Methods: 61 dry human mandibles of Indian population and of unknown sex were used and analysed for the precise location, incidence and morphological details of accessory mental foramen.

Results: 4 out of 61 (6.55 %) mandibles had Accessory Mental Foramen (AMF). Three specimens had unilateral AMF- 2 on right side, one on left side and one specimen had bilateral AMF. Shape of all AMF was circular with smooth margin.

Conclusion: Presence and location of accessory mental foramen is important during surgical procedures involving mandibular region. The detection of AMFs may reduce the rates of post- operative pain and paraesthesia in surgical procedures.

Keywords: Accessory mental foramen, Incidence, Variation, Mandible, Mental foramen.