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NJBMS - Volume 8, Issue 1, July - September 2017

Pages: 5-9
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Morphometry of Mitral Valve in South Indians - A Cadaveric Study

Author: Ilankathir.S, Sulochana Sakthivel

Category: Anatomy


Aim: Mitral valve is a complex structure and understanding the normal anatomy of mitral valve complex is important for assessing the valve pathologies and also in mitral valve replacement surgery. Thus the present study was done on the morphometry of the mitral valve in formalin fixed human hearts.

Materials and Methods: Mitral valve was studied in 50 formalin fixed hearts procured from human cadavers. Circumference of the mitral valve, the length of the attached margin, width and thickness of the anterior and posterior leaflets were measured.

Results: Circumference of the mitral valve was 8.29 cm. Length of the anterior leaflet was 3.23 cm and the length of the posterior leaflet was 4.82 cm. Width of the anterior and posterior leaflets were

2.42 cm and 1.28 cm respectively. Thickness of anterior leaflet was 0.76 mm and that of posterior leaflet was 0.43 mm.

Conclusion: The present study provides the necessary data on the dimensions of mitral valve, which will be helpful for surgeons as well as in the manufacture of prosthetic valve.

Keywords: Mitral valve complex, Anterior leaflet, Posterior leaflet, Prostheses.