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NJBMS - Volume 8, Issue 1, July - September 2017

Pages: 27-31
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Prescribing pattern of antimicrobial agents in in-patients of a tertiary care center A study on the goals of antimicrobial therapy

Author: Mohan.J, Brahadeesh.M, Vallish.B.N, Raj Kishore Mahato

Category: Pharmacology


Introduction: The development of antimicrobial resistance and also down in the process of development of newer drugs are the major challenges to the health sectors in the new millennium. Hence the knowledge of the disease pattern and the rational use of drugs play a significant role in overcoming the above challenges.

Aim: The present study was focused to know the pattern of utilization of the different group of antimicrobials along with the goal for antimicrobial therapy.

Materials and methods: The present study was done in 260 patients who were admitted as in- patients in the medicine and surgery departments of Velammal Medical College Hospital, Madurai. Results: The goal of antimicrobial therapy in the medicine in-patient department was empirical (81%) and in surgery was prophylactic (78%). The most commonly administered group of antimicrobials was the cephalosporins (42.1%).

Conclusion: The health care professionals may give importance for more rational and judicial use of antimicrobial drugs show that the emergence of antimicrobial resistance can be reduced.

Keywords: Antimicrobial agents, Antimicrobial resistance, Utilization pattern, Irrational, Cephalosporins.