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NJBMS - Volume 8, Issue 1, July - September 2017

Pages: 39-45
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Study on Effect of Cigarette Smoking on Semen Quality of Infertile Men

Author: Gaisamudre Karuna B., Waghmare Anil R.

Category: Physiology


Background : The highest prevalence of smoking is observed in young adult males during their reproductive period. Smoking has been suggested to contribute to a number of diseases including male infertility.

Aim & Objectives : The present study was aimed at studying effect of cigarette smoking on semen quality (Sperm motility and vitality).

Materials & Methods : A total of one hundred Infertile men (50 Nonsmokers and 50 Smokers) between the age group 20-45 years were taken into study. The Sperm motility and vitality in the Infertile Nonsmokers and Infertile Smokers group were compared using Z Test. Infertile Smokers

which were divided into Group A (≥1 and ≤10 cigarettes/ day), Group B (>10 and <20 cigarettes/ day) and Group C (≥ 20 cigarettes/ day) and were analyzed for Sperm motility and vitality by ANOVATest.

Results : We observed that Sperm motility (p<0.01) and Sperm vitality (p<0.01) was significantly lower in Infertile Smokers group than Infertile Nonsmokers group. We also observed that Sperm motility (p<0.05) and Sperm vitality (p<0.01) was significantly decreased in accordance with the severity of smoking.

Conclusion : Cigarette smoking adversely affects Sperm motility and vitality and in turn semen quality.

Keywords: Smokers, Nonsmokers, Sperm motility, Sperm vitality.