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NJBMS - Volume 8, Issue 2, October - December 2017

Pages: 83-86
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Morphology Of Humeral Septal Aperture: An Osteological Study

Author: Sangeetha.V, Premchand.S.A

Category: Anatomy


Background: The lower end of humerus shows olecranon and coronoid fossa separated by a thin bony septum. The deficiently in the bony septum forms a communication between both the fossae called septal aperture or commonly supratrochlear foramen (STF). The aim of present study is to know the incidence of septal aperture at the lower end of humerus.

Methods: This study is based on observations in 600 humerii (300 right side and 300 left side) obtained from Department of Anatomy, JJM Medical College, Davangere and Department of Anatomy, Subbaiah Institute of Medical Sciences, Shivamogga. Observation was made for the aperture status (presence of septal aperture, translucent septum & opaque septum) and its shape.

Results: The septal aperture was observed in 30.5% of humerii. The incidence was more common on left side (37%) as compared to right side (24%). The aperture were oval or round in shape, oval shape being more common. Translucency of bony septum was seen in 49.33% and opaque in 20.16% humerii.

Conclusion: The anatomical knowledge of septal aperture may be beneficial for orthopaedic surgeons in medullary nailing, to rule out pseudo lesion by radiologists and also significant for anthropologists for racial study.

Keywords: Humerus, septal aperture, supratrochlear foramen, translucent septum, opaque septum.

DOI: 8203