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NJBMS - Volume 9, Issue 1, July - September 2018

Pages: 44-49
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Needs Analysis for a Communication Skill Module Survey Or Focus Group?

Author: Rajavel Murugan P, Padmavathi T

Category: Medical Education


Introduction: In medical education, needs analysis plays a vital role before designing a blueprint for any program. Though many tools are being used by educational researchers to assess the needs of the faculties as well as the students, the frequently used tools are questionnaire based surveys and focus group discussions(FGD).

Aim: To analyze questionnaire based surveys and focus group discussions for feasibility and effectiveness in assessing the learner's needs for developing a module on communication skills.

Materials & Methods: Two focus group discussions were conducted involving faculties from clinical and nonclinical departments. Two other focus groups were also conducted with interns. Total participants of the FGDs were 47. A questionnaire based survey was done with a pre validated questionnaire with Likert scale 52 faculties and 40 interns (total:92) participated in the survey. The FGDs were transcribed and translated. Coding done and themes identified and the perception of participants were categorized. Agree and strongly agree scales of questionnaire were categorized. Results from both tools were compared.

Results: Compared to questionnaire new opinions were extracted from FGDs. Quantification of the views by questionnaire added strength.

Conclusion: Survey and FGD can be complementary in a research

Keywords: FGD, questionnaire survey, module

DOI: 10.31975/NJBMS.2018.9106