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NJBMS - Volume 9, Issue 3, January - March 2019

Pages: 138-142
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Introduction and Implementation of OSPE as a Tool for Assessment & Teaching / Learning in Physiology

Author: V. Suganthi

Category: Medical Education


Introduction : Assessment drives learning. To improve learning, assessment needs to be more objective, reliable and valid. Many institutions in India have shifted from their pattern of assessment from Traditional practical exam (TPE) to Objective Structured Practical exams (OSPE). This study has been conducted to evaluate the feasibility of use of OSPE as a valuable tool for asssessment as well as learning in Physiology.

Materials and methods : 100 Students of I MBBS were assessed by both TPE & OSPE for two experiments in examination of central nervous system in two groups. Cross over was done between the groups for TPE & OSPE. Marks obtained in TPE & OSPE were compared. Student's and faculty's perception of the use of OSPE for assessment were obtained using questionnaires.

Statistical analysis & results : The mean scores in TPE and OSPE were compared using paired t test and p value was highly significant. The students and faculty felt that that OSPE pattern was more objective, tested the clinical skills and knowledge better and was unbiased. Feedback given to students about their performance helped them in learning.

Conclusion : Use of OSPE as an assessment tool for formative assessment is feasible in Physiology curriculum. It also helps in learning.

Keywords: OSPE, Formative assessment, objectivity, reliable.

DOI: 10.31975/NJBMS.2019.9306