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NJBMS - Volume 2, Issue 3, January - March 2012

Pages: 210-212
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Author: Patil Sumangala Mahesh, Aithala Manjunatha, Patil Mahesh. J, Dhanakshirur Gopal B

Category: Physiology


Aims &Objective: Exercise increases oxygen consumption and causes a disturbance of intracellular pro-oxidants- antioxidant homeostasis. Athletes are exposed to acute and chronic stress that may lead to increased generation of oxidative species. Hence oxidative stress increases in athletes, Antioxidant supplementation is supposed to reduce the cell damage caused due to oxidative stress. However the total scenario regarding use of antioxidant supplementation during endurance exercise is still not clear. Hence an approach has been made in the present study to assess the Physical Fitness Index status of cyclists of Bijapur district with supplementation of Antioxidant (alpha-tocopherol).

Material & Methods : Forty cyclists belonging to age group 18-19 years, trained under District youth service & sports office were selected as study group. They were divided in to two groups, one experimental (n=19) taking vitamin E (Tab. Evion 200mg/day) and another placebo group (n=18) taking (Tab.pudin hara/day) for 21 days. Control group were selected randomly among 1st MBBS students of BLDEA'sSri BM Patil MC, Bijapur. The Anthropometrical measurements like Age(yrs), Height (cms), Weight (Kg), BSA(sq.mts), BMI(Kg/m2) and Body fat %, Lean body mass were recorded. Physical Fitness Index (PFI) was measured by using Harvard step test.

Result & Conclusion: There was no significant difference in age, height, weight, BSA, BMI and lean body mass, Body fat % between control and study group(p>0.05),But mean score of PFI in study group(84.68 +9.79) is significantly higher than control(74.25+3.3) where p<0.001.Where as comparative values of PFI in Experimental and Placebo subjects before & after supplementation of vitamin E didn't show statistically significant differences (p>0.05). In conclusion supplementation of Vitamin E has got no beneficial effect on Physical Fitness Index in Cyclists, But antioxidants may help in reducing the markers of oxidative damage after exercise.

Keywords: - Physical Fitness Index Cyclists, Antioxidant, alpha- tocopherol