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NJBMS - Volume 10 Issue 2, October - December 2019

Pages: 12-15
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A Study on Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Tuberculosis In an Urban Health and Training Centre, Chennai.

Author: Nirmal Sujitha.I.J, Meriton Stanly.A

Category: Community Medicine



Tuberculosis is one of the most important causes of death worldwide and remains as a major public health problem. It is curable and preventable. Despite the efforts, funds and manpower invested the disease has not been brought under control.


The study was conducted as a Cross sectional, to assess the knowledge, attitude and practices and health seeking behaviour regarding tuberculosis study among outpatients above 20 years of age in the Urban Health and Training Centre, Chennai.


A total of 100 patients participated in the study. The age distribution of the participants was between 21 to 65 years. Of them 54% were males and 46% were females. Out of them 72% knew about the disease called tuberculosis and 56% answered tuberculosis is a serious problem.


A well planned IEC activities have to be initiated and implemented at the primary health care level on creating awareness regarding tuberculosis and to improve health seeking behaviour as a part of control activities.

Keywords: Tuberculosis, Knowledge, Attitude, Practices

DOI: 10.31975/NJBMS.2019.10201